English presentation of the French journal ‘Sciences of Design’


Sciences du Design is a peer-reviewed, French-speaking, international journal of scholarly design research published at the Presses Universitaires de France. Founded by Prof. Stéphane Vial and Prof. Alain Findeli, it is intended to make widely recognized Design as a scientific discipline and establish itself as a scholar reference in the French-speaking design research community.

Under the auspices of an international scientific committee from more than 30 higher educational and research institutions, Sciences du Design is a biannual journal available in bookstores and by subscription, both in print and online through Cairn.info.

The journal is published with the support of the University of Nîmes, the ‘Haute école d’art et de design – Genève’ (Head-Genève), the ‘École de design Nantes Atlantique’, the ‘École nationale supérieure de création industrielle’ (Ensci – Les Ateliers) and ‘Strate School of Design’, in collaboration with non-profit design institutions and programs such as ‘Les Ateliers de la Recherche en Design’, ‘Multimedia Sorbonne’ and ‘Designers interactifs’.

Editor-in-chief: Stéphane Vial


The First (Special) Issue ‘Which Sciences of Design?’ is to be published in May 2015 and is edited by Prof. Stéphane Vial and Prof. Alain Findeli, with papers by Yves Michaud, Stéphane Vial, Lysianne Léchot Hirt, Alain Findeli, Émeline Brulé, Anthony Masure, Robin de Mourat, Ioana Ocnarescu, Anne-Lyse Renon, Marine Royer, Jocelyne Le Bœuf, Nicolas Nova, Fabienne Kilchör, Sébastien Fasel, Annie Gentès and Bernard Kahane.

The journal will be launched in preview in Paris from 22 to 24 April 2015, during the 11th International European Academy of Design Conference. For this occasion, 40 copies will be on sale. Much of the editorial board members, which participate in the organization of this conference, will also be present.


The price for one issue is only 18 € (TTC France).

Subscription rates for 2015 (2 issues per year):

  • France Individual: 34,00 € TTC
  • France Institution: 38,00 € HT
  • Foreign Individual: 36,00 € TTC
  • Foreign Institution: 42,00 € HT

To subscribe online or on paper (individuals or institutions), see details here. For individual subscribers to the journal paper, the electronic version is available for free on Cairn (access is through the subscriber number).

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